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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Holy Places - Ahmedabad

     Ahmedabad in Western India is one of the sacred destinations for pilgrims and devotees from different religions. From Hinduism to Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Zoroastrianism and Christianity, Ahmedabad is one of the sacred sites for the tourists. offers online information on Holy Places in Ahmedabad and other tourist attractions of Gujarat and other parts of India.

     One of the major tourist attractions in Ahmedabad are the holy places in Ahmedabad. There are a number of religions followed by the people of Ahmedabad and there are a number of shrines, temples and churches in Ahmedabad. One of the most important holy places in Ahmedabad is the Swaminarayan Temple and Bhadra Kali Temple. Besides this the Ahmad Shah mosque, Jama Masjid and Siddi Sayed mosque are the famous sacred destination for the followers of Islam. There are other holy places in Ahmedabad like the

Bahai, Akshardham and Iskcon Temple.
From Jain temples, Churches, Gurudwaras to the Jewish Synagogues, Ahmedabad presents a secular picture where people from different religions and cultural backgrounds live together. It reflects the diverse cultural background of Ahmedabad.

On your Tour to Gujarat in India you can visit the important holy places in Ahmedabad.

here are many religions followed by the people of Ahmedabad but the goodness and humanity that these religions teach, is all same. Although Hinduism is the main religion followed here, other religions found in the city are Buddhism, Jianism, Islam, Zorastrianism and Christianity.

The city abides a large number of sanctums belonging to different religious communities. Among the Hindu shrines, Swami Narayan temple and Bhadrakali temple are most prominent while Ahmed Shah mosque, Jama Maasjid, Sidi Sayed mosque and Rani Rupamti's mosque are prominent names among Muslim shrines. Bahai, Akshardham and Isckon Temples are two most visited and prestigious temples at Ahmedabad.

A number of Jain temple complexes like Palitana, Sankeshwar and Tarang attract pligrims across the country. Its Churches, Gurudwaras and Synagogues brilliantly present the multi religious culture observed here. Ahmedabad exhibits a rich and diverse religious background. Come and explore it!
Ahmed Shah's Mosque, Ahmedabad :
Built in the year 1414, this was one of the earliest mosques in Ahmedabad. Built on the site of a Hindu Temple, Ahmed Shah's Mosque is one of the sacred shrines. Located to the south west of Bhadra Fort it was built during Ahmed Shah's time who was the founder of Ahmedabad.

Rani Sipri's Mosque, Ahmedabad :
Rani Sipri's Mosque is an architectural marvel located in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad. Built in 1514 A.D. by Rani Sipri it is famous for its intricate designs.

Rani Rupmati's Mosque, Ahmedabad :
Built during 1430 to 1440 A. D. this is one of the finest mosques in the city and is also a major tourist attraction in Ahmedabad. This is one of the most beautiful examples of Indo- Sarcenic architecture. Rani Rupmati's Mosque, Ahmedabad is one of the beautifully crafted holy places in Ahmedabad.

Sidi Saiyad's Mosque, Ahmedabad :
One of the beautiful mosques in Ahmedabad, this is famous for its twin windows which are made of pierced stone. Constructed by Sidi Sayed one of the slaves of Ahmed Shah this is an excellent example of Indo Sarcenic architecture.

Hathee Singh Temple, Ahmedabad :
One of the important holy places in Ahmedabad is the Hathee Singh Temple, Ahmedabad. Built by Shri Kesarising Huthising in the year 1848 it is in the name of Dharmanath, the 15th Jain Tirthankra. There are 52 temples inside the temple complex.

Swami Narayan Temple, Ahmedabad :
Built in the year 1850, the Swami Narayan Temple, Ahmedabad is one of the sacred holy places in Ahmedabad. On the south of these temples there are 9 tombs known as the Nau Gaz Pir, or Nine Yard Saints.

Sidi Bashir Mosque, Ahmedabad :
One of the popular sacred destinations in Ahmedabad is the Sidi Bashir Mosque. Tourists from all over come to the Sidi Bashir Mosque to get a glimpse of the Shaking Minarets or Jhulta Minar which is an unusual phenomenon.

Raj Babri Mosque, Ahmedabad :
The Raj Babri Mosque, Ahmedabad is one of the important holy places in Ahmedabad which also has the Shaking Minarets or Jhulta Minar. An architectural marvel of that century, the mosque attracts people from all over.

On your Tour to Gujarat in India you can visit these important Tourist attractions of Ahmedabad and enjoy your vacation.


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