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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rozi and Bedi Ports

         Jamnagar, a city in the state of Gujarat is located in the Gulf of Kutch. Adinath Mandir sharp line of distinction can be drawn between the coastlines of Jamnagar to that of other sea coasts of India. Although the Jamnagar coastline is tidal by nature, yet they offer a few of the most spectacular beaches as well as picnic spots in the country. In addition to this, the presence of as many as 42 islands in this region makes the Gulf one of the most attractive touring destinations in India. One such destination is Rozi and Bedi Ports, Jamnagar.

        The Rozi and Bedi Ports in Jamnagar, India, has gained popularity due to the presence a number of picturesque picnic spots. However, the place gets its name from two of the major ports of the region by the name of Rozi and Bedi. These Ports of Rosy and Bedi are prominent trading hubs in the Arabian Sea. The Rozi and Bedi Ports, Jamnagar is a beautiful place for arranging picnics. This seaside picnic spot offers fishing facilities to the tourists. However, to enjoy such a pleasure, one has to take permission from the Fisheries Department. Thus, a visit to the Rozi and Bedi Ports would certainly make your visit to Gujarat last in your memory for a lifetime.

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