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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

     Wildlife in Gujarat is an integral part of the travel plan in Gujarat. The Sanctuaries and wildlife parks can be a treat to watch fro any traveler. Amongst these, the Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is a bird Sanctuary housing various species of birds.

       Located at a distance of 10 Km on the north east part of Jamnagar, on the southern belt of the Gulf of Kutch, the Khijadia Birds Sanctuary got its notification in the year 1982. Wetlands all over, it has three freshwater lakes, mangroves, tidal mud humps, salty beds and everything suited to the migratory birds and waders. Two dams were erected by the then ruler of Jamnagar in order to avoid seeping of water from adjacent river Ruparen during high tides and hence, the co-existence of two varied kinds of soil - the salty wetlands on one and river freshwater on the other. This is instrumental in the variety of animals that we can see over here.

      Covering an area of 605 hectares, the Khijadia Birds Sanctuary, has three watch towers and Paddle boats are available here come handy to cross over the lakes. The position of the Sanctuary being at the western shore of the country makes it an easier route for the migratory birds to fly in.

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