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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


    Wandering among the hundreds of fishing-boats, a walk on Veraval's picturesque dockyard and long uninterrupted shorelines is a lovely experience, but only if you can handle the smell of fish that hangs over town. A large coastal industrial center, Veraval is known for its fisheries, dominated by the Kharwa fisherfolk and as the gateway to Somnath.
Fishing here is done by trawlers, as well as by traditional boats, and Veraval maintains a boatbuilding industry that still constructs and repairs boats with traditional methods. The seafood industry, started through Government initiatives, is now in its prime and the numerous processing factories export quality seafood to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Persian Gulf countries and the USA. In centuries past, Veraval was the major seaport for pilgrims to Mecca before the rise of Surat. It is easily accessible by road and railway and offers decent accomodation options.

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